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Tabletopia vs Board Game Arena: Which is Best?

Board Game Arena

Tabletopia and Board Game Arena are two of the most popular online gaming platforms for playing board games. Both offer a multitude of options, but which one is best? We tested both sites to compare their features and interface, and here’s what we found out:


As you can see, Tabletopia is a more user-friendly platform. It has a better interface, easier-to-use menu, and layout, as well as a better design. You can find all the games you want and play them with ease. The main interface is also more attractive and user-friendly than that of Board Game Arena.

The only thing we didn’t like about Tabletopia was its mobile app, which was not as good as the desktop version.


One of the biggest differences between Tabletopia and Board Game Arena is their respective lobbies. In TGA’s lobby, you can see what other players are playing and chat with them, but this isn’t possible in BOA’s lobby:

  • You have to make an account before you can play
  • You have to wait until everyone else has finished their turns before you can start yours for it to show up on your game board (if anyone else hasn’t already played theirs)


Boardgamearena has a simple rules system while on the other hand, Tabletopia has a more complex rules system.


Tabletopia has more options for playing games.

Tabletopia is a great place to start if you’re just getting into board gaming and don’t have any experience with digital tools or apps. It’s easy to get started on Tabletopia, but it also offers an impressive array of features that make it great for seasoned gamers as well.

For example, there’s an app store where players can find additional game components like dice or cards; there are plenty of tutorials that teach new players how to play specific games; there’s even a community forum where you can ask questions about your favorite game(s).

If what you need is more than what Tabletopia already provides—for instance, if I want my games hosted elsewhere (like Boardgamearena) then I can use the “Host” feature within Tabletop Simulator itself!


Boardgamearena has a more powerful design tool.

Tabletopia is more flexible in terms of game design.

Tabletopia has more games available, but that’s not necessarily a good thing for you as the customer.


Boardgamearena has more games, but Tabletopia has a better selection of popular games.

Boardgame Arena is a great place to start if you’re looking for something new and exciting on the tabletop scene. It’s easy to navigate around their site, and they have many different categories for your gaming needs: card games, board games, roleplaying games (RPGs), etc.

Tabletopia on the other hand has a lot more in common with Steam or Origin than it does with Board Game Arena. 

There are no sub-categories here at all! Instead of having separate sections per genre/type of game like BGA does (like “Card Games” versus “Role Playing Games”), TtV simply lists everything under one heading called “Games” which includes everything under its umbrella. 

So instead of having two separate sections on either side, we get just one big list where everything is listed together alphabetically rather than by genre.*


A board game arena is a good choice if you’re looking for a place to play games with friends. You can create your own groups, or search for other players of similar skill levels and interests. 

The site has chat features that allow users to communicate in real-time while playing games together, which can be especially helpful when trying to coordinate strategies during a match.

Tabletopia also has this feature, but it’s not as robust as Board Game Arena’s: only two people can join the same group at once and there isn’t any way for them to communicate outside of their group unless they use the built-in messaging system (which many players prefer).

However, Tabletopia does offer more than just chatting. It allows users who want more structure than just free-for-alls where everyone plays against each other at once instead to choose between private games where no one else knows what cards are currently out there with you or tournaments where everyone plays against others before moving onto an end-game tournament!


Board Game Arena is an online platform that offers the opportunity to play against other players. You can play against AI or real people in one of the many different game modes.

Board Game Arena has an account feature, which means that you can create an account and use it to log in on multiple devices (including mobile). 

The system will generate a unique email address for every user. This allows you to change your username if needed, as well as reset your password if needed.

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The account also allows users to change their default language settings so that they match those of their preferred device (e-mail clients) so they don’t have any problems with sending messages or receiving them from others in different languages than their own!


Boardgame Arena is cheaper than Tabletopia, but if you want to pay for more features (which includes premium membership), then Tabletopia is the better option.

Tabletopia has a free version and a paid version. The free version has all of the basic features that are available on both platforms, but it does not allow users to create accounts or play games with other people online.

To use Tabletopia’s premium features like creating an account and playing games with other players around the world, you need to upgrade your account by buying one of their packages which range from $3-20 per month depending on how much content they provide from their library of games.

Tabletopia vs Board game arena; Features: 

The board game arena offers the best interface, but Tabletopia has the more powerful features.

The board game arena’s interface is simple to use and easy on your eyes. It’s also very easy to find new games and make friends in their lobby.

However, when it comes to features, Tabletopia has them beat. They offer more options for creating your own custom boards (or just using one of theirs), they have a ton of games available right now and they seem primed for growth as well!


Tabletopia is the best option for your gaming needs, but the Board game arena has more features and options. Both are great choices! If you want to play games, Tabletopia is the best option. If you want a lot of features and options, then the Board game arena is best.

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