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What is Social Influence? What are the Two Main Types

what is Social Influence

Social influence is a psychological phenomenon that occurs when people are influenced by the opinions and behaviors of others. This phenomenon can occur in many forms, including conformity, obedience to authority, and conformity to conventional wisdom.

What is social influence?

Social influence is a change in behavior based on what someone thinks others expect of them. It’s a powerful force that can be used to change behavior for good or bad.

It’s also a way of understanding how people make decisions, which is why it’s so important when trying to influence others: By knowing what they are thinking, we can better understand how best to communicate with them and reach our goals.

Types of Social Influence

Social influence is a powerful force in our lives. We are all susceptible to it, whether we’re conscious of the fact or not. It can have a positive or negative impact on our behavior and relationships with others, depending on how we respond to it.

The two main types of social influence are conformity and obedience. These two types are closely related: one leads to compliance with group norms and values (conformity), while the other motivates people toward complying with someone else’s desire for them to do something (obedience).



Conformity is the tendency to copy others. When you see someone doing something, it’s natural to want to do the same thing. This is called social pressure and can be powerful in many situations.

For example: If you are on a plane and see everyone wearing headphones, you may decide that your own headphones would be more comfortable than those around you. Or if a stranger gives off an air of confidence or authority (like someone who works at your favorite restaurant), then this may cause you to feel less nervous about approaching him or her with questions about their experience working with food allergies in the kitchen (or whatever else comes up).

Conformity can be easily denied as to obey the laws and rules and comply with standards. You change yourself according to the standard of a group, family, or people around you which is conformity.


what is social influence

Obedience is the tendency to follow orders, especially when they are given by an authority figure. This behavior can be seen as a form of social influence that often has negative connotations. People obey because they believe they have no choice or because they fear punishment.

For example, if you ask your children what it means to be obedient and then tell them that following commands will help them get good grades on their report cards at school, you’re essentially asking for obedience from your kids.

We all know how effective this tactic can be! It may seem like an obvious way to get things done around here (especially if there was more than one child volunteering), but remember: there are many ways people can influence others without ever having spoken directly with them first!

There are also some other types of social influence but these two types are the major types.

It’s hard not to be influenced by the people around you:

Social influence is a powerful force. It can be positive and helpful, or it can be negative and harmful. In fact, social influence doesn’t have to be intentional—it happens all the time without anyone trying to make it happen.


These are just some of the types of social influence. There are many more, and you may find that as people interact with each other, they influence one another in different ways. As we have seen from this article, there are many factors involved in social influence. It is up to us as individuals whether we will let ourselves be influenced by others or not!

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