What Episode Did the Professor Puke Rainbow in Nichijou?

what episode did the professor puke rainbow in nichijou

Are you a fan of the hilarious and quirky anime series Nichijou? If you’ve ever watched this show, you know that it’s full of unexpected and zany moments that keep you laughing throughout.

One of the most memorable scenes involves the professor puking a rainbow. In this article, we’ll delve into the episode where this amusing event occurs and explore why Nichijou has become a beloved classic for anime enthusiasts.

Anime has a remarkable ability to blend the ordinary with the extraordinary, and Nichijou, which translates to “My Ordinary Life,” takes this concept to a whole new level. The series masterfully intertwines the daily lives of three high school girls—Yuko, Mio, and Mai—with surreal and outrageous occurrences, creating a one-of-a-kind viewing experience.

The Unique Humor of Nichijou

Nichijou is renowned for its offbeat humor and unexpected comedic timing. It captures the essence of awkward and absurd moments that we all experience in our lives. The show’s ability to find humor in the mundane and elevate it to a hilarious extreme is a testament to its creative brilliance.

The Professor’s Rainbow-Upchuck Episode

The episode where the professor pukes a rainbow is Season 1, Episode 3. In this side-splitting scene, Professor Hakase—accompanied by her talking cat, Sakamoto—unleashes a vivid and vibrant rainbow from her mouth, much to the shock and confusion of those around her. The moment is as bizarre as it is comical, leaving viewers in stitches.

The Context Behind the Scene

Nichijou thrives on its ability to catch viewers off guard, and the rainbow-puking incident is no exception. The show sets up the scene with seemingly ordinary interactions, only to subvert expectations in the most outlandish way possible. This sudden twist is what makes the humor so effective and the series so engaging.

Fan Reactions and Memes

Unsurprisingly, this scene quickly became a fan-favorite and a popular subject for memes within the anime community. The image of the professor spewing a rainbow became an iconic representation of the show’s eccentricity. This viral reaction is a testament to the impact that Nichijou has had on its audience.

Nichijou’s Enduring Popularity

Since its debut, Nichijou has maintained a dedicated fanbase. Its ability to blend the mundane and the surreal has allowed it to stand the test of time. The show’s appeal extends beyond traditional anime fans, drawing in viewers who appreciate its unique brand of humor and storytelling.


In the world of anime, few series can match the eccentric charm and humor of Nichijou. The episode where the professor pukes a rainbow perfectly encapsulates the show’s ability to surprise and entertain. If you haven’t yet experienced the delight of Nichijou, it’s definitely worth a watch.

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